Monday, 26 September 2016


Task 1

Perkins' 5 assumptions on the topic of stereotypes can be used in the Hotel Babylon the bbc show specifically the clip we have viewed.
Not all stereotypes are negative
positive stereotypes. Ibrahim was positively stereo typically fast because of his African/slave heritage  (until he fell over) this view isn't negative and it is also sadly true ,like most stereotypes, there is a glim of history in this stereotype of his ancestors being slaves where only the strong would survive, or the stereotype of Slavic people working hard ,in the kitchen, for-filling their positive stereotype of eastern European workers being dedicated workers.
stereotypes of majorities groups,
the white middle aged man is negative stereotype by his views and appearance he appears grumpy and slightly racist as a stereotypical view in old white men this is controversial because its focused at the classic majority of white male who also may be the higher percentage of viewers.
Stereo types are always changing.
For example the woman in charge of a hotel 50 years ago this wouldn't be on TV or the African man at the end who is praying when Africa has not allays been a religious country showing that they are not fixed or unchaining.

Task 2

Cognitive Dissonance
Leon Festingesays that we are seeking cognitive dissonance and thats why some shows popular for example if we have a view on a topic or thing and then we see this same view on TV we agree with it and are more likely to like it straight away. this could be associated with pleasures such as character identification, pleasures of recognition, familiarity, and transgressive pleasures with the similar humor as you for example in TV Drama Skins which is about modern teenagers and its target audience is teenagers because viewers can identify with the characters because they are written to have similar views as there audience, and views can watch the show and see charioters that may like be them or there friends or characters which has the same scene of humor as them so cognitive dissonance may be the reason for popularity for this show, because is a show successfully identifies and gets approval of a view they tend to enjoy watching the show, thus similarly if a show has different views eg political or environmental views this may annoy us and therefore dislike and not watch the show however a show like one of the popular soaps ,of which is despise because I disagree with the views and representation of the characters is also thuraly enjoyed by others because they must agree or identify with it , showing that shows can  be successful only by pleasing the target audiences it wishes to identify with.  

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