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UK Tribes

UK tribes list of "all" cliquey groups among teens

This my opinion since it is similar to my music taste and vaguely similar dress or views, however since the website is extremely stereotypical and I felt it was a terrible representation of youth because from there questionnaire i was perceive to be a chave ! 
have a serious affinity with a screaming genre of punk and the straight edge scene – wearing their distinctive tribal tats and turn-up look with pride.
The Hardcore joined the Tribes in 2012 in a flurry of slam dancing, and Straight Edge ethics; with X’s drawn on their tattoo-adorned hands. Today the Hardcore remain (especially in the west), but their Hipster-esque look (skinnies, band Ts) means they have come under similar threat from Aspirant adoption.

Metal Heads left the Tribes map in 2012 on the grounds they had grown out of the scene or been absorbed in to other Tribes, but in 2015 we find them going strong with a younger audience in cities like Birmingham.
The modern Metallers are all about head banging, band T-shirts and loud music (as ever!) but are distinctly different to their Hardcore cousins – today’s Metallers love a drink and are just as likely to have dance, Emo and pop punk alongside heavy metal on their playlists. More of an entry-level Tribe than metal stereotypes would suggest, the normalisation of tattoos and diversifying music tastes across UK Tribes mean Metallers are more common than you’d expect

Punks are back – with punk fashion all over the high street, punk and metal music in the Mainstream and Activists back on the map, the Punk/Metal/Hardcore sub-section of youth culture is more diverse and interconnected than ever before.
While Punk is one of the longest standing youth Tribes, today’s Punks are more of a sanitised subculture than the original icons – dominated by younger Tribes (plus a few stalwarts in their 20’s) taking on the music, politics and fashion cues of the scene

Chavs may need no introduction – but their image is becoming increasingly co-opted as the Chav look inspires Leading Edge trends. 
meaning "a young lower-class person who displays brash and loutish behaviour and wears real or imitation designer clothes" from Wikipedia
I may enjoy cars and alcohol but I am not " council housed and violent " or whatever chav stands for this result is possibly offensive, by this result the test can not accurately pin you and will probably get it drastically wrong,  unless you exstreamly stereotypicall or really trying to hard to fit in that group.
Since your opinion of your self is the most regard thing you have, if you are who you want to be,
When it is questioned this can causes insecurity or annoyance, even the concept of a test to tell you who you are is flawed and paradoxical, since deeply the only person you show your true nature to is yourself.
Yet others views or opinions of you may be really important to you or influence your own opinion on yourself. But when some faceless organisation that try's to categories teen, and is probably created by an old disconnected entrepreneur, who's only concept of youth or youth culture is the news or from his ni-on abandoned daughter whom he never sees, is a wrong and strange concept to be put in a group based on culture, however in media or unknowingly most people castigator or stereotype people, in my opinion I genuinely don't care about a TV channels opinion about me, especially when they don't now you, Channel 4 your opinion mean nothing now matter how current you pose to be.
I don't believe I am similar to any popular celebrate, because I'm such a special snow flake.
However an influences from many abstract or popular thing can shape any one, or plays a key part. 
Such as music, I listen and enjoy may bands/groups yet I would say the sands I listen to the most is FIDLAR and Modern Basball, we may have simlar opinions but I don't dress like any of them, the only time some one has said I looked simlar to was Mike in AmericanUltra when my fried said "your shirt looks like that and you have the same hair" which on reflection it dose, but I don't style my life in that one film character or purly on the ideology that then two bands represent, in my opinion every tiny aspect influences your personality where you live what you watch what you listen to what your frieds are like, all the littel things you pick up change you even twins are rarely the same, so it is nearly impossible for some one to do or like 100% the same things so ni one would be the same or even slightly similar. 

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