Monday, 26 September 2016

Hotel Babylon

Hotel Babylon

Establishing shot
Showing the character is realizing some thing or is now aware of the outside world this is shown by the zoom out when he notices the police men, he is seen to be unaware, his is smart and wherein business where  giving him a look of being wealthy,the policemen look clearly authoritative standing straight and close ,blocking, together in a slightly intimidating style. 
Wide shot                      

 In the center of the shot, which could mean she is more important because she in the middle, the woman ,owner, is looking very formal and in charge which defy the classic female blond stereotype showing stereotypes can change, she is also wearing white along with her fair hair this makes her look angelic and pure. The Asian lady is wearing dark colors which in our culture is very negative however in Asian cutler some time heroes are portrayed in black and the villains are in white, she is also using a phone this could reinforce the classic stereotype that Asians are good with technology.

Medium shot
This man is in charge of the immigration operation and is instantly disliked because he is a bureaucrat and the 'bad' guy who causes conflict in this scene, because he works for an organisation the is against illegal foreigners and seems to take pleasure in it he appears racist.

 Medium shot
This group shot shows all the minority together showing unity the woman also faints this could show that women or this character is weak or it could be a serious point about diabetes ,the stereotype for that being fat people, and the serious health condition it is, this also adds more fear and tension building in this scene, making the viewer feel pity. 

Close up zoom   

This man ,Ibrahim , is hoovering and working hard enforcing the stereotype of extremely  hard working immigrant workers, language suggests hes weaker than other characters and he is surprised by the white men who just burst through the door and then tackle hienforcing the weak minority stereotype, he is wearing cheap uniform his job is catering in a hotel this indicates hes poor a common black stereotype

Close up 

This picture is found when cleaning out Ibrahims locker on the door is a picture of 
what we guess is his hole town, they are depicted as tribal looking and it looks like its taken in a different country this supports the stereotype of black people being exotic.

Medium close up
This man looks very stereotypical European with his waste-coat, mustache and wine this could be reinforcing the stereotype of European people being butlers as he is told to get everyone a drink, this is a stereotype of a white person showing that stereotypes aren't just on ethnic minority's. minority

Pan ,whip,

Pans across all of the ethnic staff eating a meal after the traumatik day, each table has a different ethnic group on it and with it a lot of stereotypical behavior showing that everyone is different and how unique different people and cultures are. However they are also wearing similar cloths and similar food in the same room showing that we may be different yet all equal.  

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