Thursday, 8 September 2016

The Road- scene

This scene in The Road shows the relationship between the two characters.

The lighting is high key to create an outdoor feel, yet the right half is less lit, drawing the eye, this could mean the direction the character are leaving, and that they will go off shot to the left, towards the light.
Light is coming from the left and above illuminating most of the frame and showing their facial expression and bringing the scene to life and personality to the gloomy back ground, the boy is staring at the can with enjoyment, whilst the man is looking at the boy this could be showing how the boy is more appreciative of physical items, and the man is just happy to see that the boy is happy, the man is very open in his body language is welcoming, the boy seems closed off with his body language but this appears to be unintentional because of his happy expression, or he is guarding the can.
This medium close up shot uses blocking to be able to see their faces and fit the actors both in the shot.
The costume used is not very colourful and this could represent the lack of joy and colour in the world the characters live in, their cloths are for survival and not fashion showing the harsh reality of their situation, the back drop appears broken and messy showing that chaos around them is normal in their new life.
Make-up is used along with hair styling to make them look less attractive and rugged to show that they have been struggling for a while, the dirt and water on the two character's show that they have been living in nature for a long time, and to us appear homeless or unclean.

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