Monday, 5 September 2016


Basement -Promise Everything- ,the base solo is orgasmic, and the song points out the point that nothing can be promised and how it can be paradoxical.

FIDLAR- Drone- ,catchy and shows how most of society are mindless drones, but also how blissful it would be to be mindless.

Queens of the stone age- sick sick sick- ,the rhythm is good and it highlights how everyone is sick, dew to the human condition.

Courtney Barnett -avant gardener- a strange an autobiographical account of trying to turn a life around through gardening, only to be foiled by a severe allergic reaction.
Daria- the great MTV show about a relate-able sarcastic teen.

Bojack horseman- funny and alternative comedy.

5 music videos:
RADKEY - Glor- ,stop frame has always interested me with its quirks, especially clay/Plasticine stop frame, this colourful and violent flash of adrenaline perfectly accompany the music.

Pearl Jam - Do the Evolution- ,great animation and concepts of a dystopian future, it also shows a view on the start of man.

Modern Baseball - Wedding Singer- ,can have many interpretations, in my opinion it shows that happiness is only a mental construct, and it only takes a push to enjoy yourself no matter if that push is real or imaginary.

Nirvana - Heart-Shaped Box- ,has a similar feel to David Bowie's Ashes To Ashes I like this kind of filter, I also like the surreal feeling in heart-shaped box, with the fantasy Forrest and singular cross on the colorful background.

Slipknot - The Negative One- ,I was torn between this and Duality, but I feel this fits better with the haunting feel of the song.

5 favourite living celebrates
Charles Dance, what an amazing voice and hip guy for his age, I could listen to him read anything for days, and has some hilarious roles eg in Ali g showing he seems to be up for anything compared to other older actors who have been in many films, he seems very grounded.

Marilyn Manson, is defiantly a personality, he has interesting ideas and ideology, his music isn't that bad, he got great fame as at the peak of his sinning careers as he was an easy target for media to pick on, yet this did bring him publicity, music asside he seems like a funny guy and has also had funny cameos in films and even played a Nazi in prison break.

Brian Blessed, yet another great voice, the man emits manliness and has done many great things, not exactly a great actor but he is a great personality and has even punched a polerbear,and I think he had the title as best swearer.

Kristen Stewart, such a great actor and works really well with Jesse Eisenberg there was a moment of disappointment when she didn't appear on men's health hottest 100 2015, she has also had many funny moments including dropping her MTV award.

Michael Cera seems to be on a different world, he probably isn't an actor but when he was asked on set he was probably to awkward to refuse, his quick reply's in interviews and films allays make me laugh, "Did you really see a future with this girl?"  "Like... with jet-packs?" .

5 films:
Gummo a loosely made film about a town which has been hit by a tornado and left law less, no police and no school,it shows the simple and nihilistic lifestyles.

Donnie Darko, a Schizophrenic starts an alternate reality by not dying, but destiny catches up and he finally dose die, which resets time so he also dies in the original reality when he was supposed to, it's a complicated film yet very enjoyable.

Scott Pilgrim VS The World has to be one of my favorite films, it combines great garage band music (written by  beck) and a classic video game fight style in a  weird love story.

Terry Pratchett Hogfather, being a big fan of the disc world I inherently enjoyed the film, I also like what it represents, belief, that all humans need belief to survive and distract them from the real horror of life.

Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, also a big fan of Burton I like the whimsical animation and songs, yet it represent that some people are set in there ways and can only see thing in one way (Christmas has to be scary) .

I watch the last 2 every year on Christmas eve ,because I'm that sad.


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