Thursday, 12 January 2017


"Cross media convergence and synergy are vital processes in the successful marketing of media products to audiences." To what extent do you agree with this statement in relation to your media area?

I agree with this in the most case since it is hard for most company to never cross convergence and synergy and be able to make a whole film, in order for films to become successful it needs to have allot of work put on it possibly from different specialist company which are hired or owned by a larger company, most company have a different team or company to market and distributed the idea the larger conglomerate where more  convergence and synergy takes place the higher chance the company would be able to spend more, the tactic used by most big companys who have the money to do so is non targeting marketing meaning they market to everyone and not a specific audience this costs more but it makes the product more known and in all odds and percentages has a higher chance of making more money on its opening night because , although they not be fans, many many people would be aware of the film. f

Star Wars: The force awakens was an instant success due to the reputation of the Star Wars franchise through generations, and the fact film was distributed by Walt Disney, one of the big six, following Disney buying Lucas Film allowing them to create star wars the production company responsible for the previous Star Wars movies released for $4.05 billion meaning star wars are solely owned by Walt Disney studios. Walt Disney motion picture has marketed and distributed every Disney film made since there existence ,in 1953, through vertical integration, meaning they have a large amount of say, which is signification as it  star wars FA  will have the Disney name to it. Disney used their huge influences control and time worthy reputation such as the owner ship of ABC, Disney channel, ESPN and its theme parks allowing them to freely market star wars through this manner of distributed on a global scale, in the UK along with being played on 3,300 3D locations, 392 IMAX screens and 415 large screens, the fact the film was able to be watched on a variety of screens in a different options and the power of Disney connections through cross convergence and synergy meant that film could be viewed to a huge audience adding to its success showing that it is a vital process.

EX Machina: was owned by two smaller companies Film 4 and DNA films, both companies that have collaborated on films in the past Ex_Machina used cross media campaign when promoting the film pre-release. They promoted the film to teenagers, young adults through social media platform such as twitter and Instagram accounts, and for the more mature ages a tinder profile in the name of main character Ava, only created more advertisements for the film. Several television channels and services promoted Ex_Machina in simple ways such as adverts during prime time for all audiences and product placements so that the film had as much attention as possible based on the budget the film had on that part of the films promotion. Universal pictures were the company behind the distribution of the film, however the company didn’t own the film. If Universal has owned the films right the budget would have been considerably larger, and because of the reputation Universal has created for itself its success rate, opportunities for more exclusive things such as locations, quality and profit would have also been much higher. Despite that, Ex_Machina is an example of a smaller budget film that has become a great success without having big six company behind it, it is a film that is doing well as it has doubled its budget at the box office. The film was owned by two smaller companies Film 4 and DNA films, both companies that have collaborated on films in the past and have continued to make success out of the movies they create because of their genuinely good storys/themes the films they make are based on executing them perfectly meaning the budget is used wisely to ensure success such as pre and post production, being an example that although they did use other company for some vital aspects synergy and dominating other company like the big six is not vital and doing so can constrict others leading back down the money argument which rules over smaller company but is a safety cushion for the larger.

In conclusion cross convergence and synergy are important and vital to the success of media products such as the forgettable example of cross convergence is youtube which allowed most the world to assess film trailers and even rent films which with out this would greatly limit and constrict the effectiveness of film marketing strategies especially in the technological age and is great since even the public can upload winch makes it easy and nearly free for company to do so and is one of the largest aspects or marketing for smaller film company similarity how face book is also free to the public many film company's have official and fan pages which are seeked out by the audience therefore being the most specific and pin point accurate type of marketing showing that cross convergence is extremely vital, Ex machina also shows synergy ,collaborating for the greater good, is also important as film 4 would have struggled to market and distribute on its own and with the hired help of universal it was greatly helped showing that synergy can be beneficial, larger conglomerates do most things in house and have vertically integrated allowing them to keep all of the profit which is an cleaver solution to make more money instead of synergism. I agree with the statement through my experiences it is vital for a company to use one of the two processes to help market and gain greater sucsess. 

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