Monday, 14 November 2016

Ex_Machina Review

93%Rotten Tomatoes                                                   7.7/10 IMDb


 Alex Garland’s technological thriller questions humanity and the power of an AI.Writer turned director Garland sculpted this Humble 15 million dollars into a award winning global sensation which has even been said to be the best SIFI of the age and being granted Academy Award for Best Visual Effects, Best British Independent Film 2015, British Independent Film Award for Best Director 2015, Critics' Choice Award for Best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie 2016 and many more clearly showing it went down well.Though Garland made his debut on this film as a director he wrote the screen play for 28 days later, its simliley cleaver writing touches on controversial area which in my opinion where needed to creat the final 'master piece' such as freewill sex society and creation, all that makes us human and why things are not.
the core idea is old but its supreme exaction and technology used in productiuon guves it an illusion of pure originality starring Oscar Isaac, Domnhall Gleeson and Alicia Vikander. Ex_Machina was released on January 21st 2015.The   expertly crafted story centered around a new humanoid AI, Ava ( Alicia Vikander) which Caleb (Domnhall Gleeson) needs to test if its 'human enough' and the moral implications of this, by sitting on a observation chamber which is only a pain of glass away from Ava's zoo like cell where she roams around and they both in gauge in dialog which neither know is truth or a lie especially when the power goes off and the expectation of being watched is lifted, the AI was created by Nathan (Oscar Isaac)  an entrepreneur who made money through a non cope-righted version of Google (Blue Book)  but he seems to be twisted by his isolation and tends to flip between rage and excitement  with such a smooth transition and is never really pinned down through out the film  this causes Caleb not knowing to trust Nathan or Ava which causes the misery and deceit in the film which results in a monumental ending which i personally loved because it left every thing open and un tied but in a way which isn't shadowed by a near 2nd installment so the ending just sits there and this ambiguity makes it so great and sadly rare for this day and age.Tension is created through claustrophobia and is well executed , with its tiny cast of three and the set design and location of a vast rural area with only one building which consisted mainly of white hospital like corridors. The film despite its low $15 Million budget demonstrates great special effects with the creation of Ava making it look realistic bye utilizing the costume and technology as one with out green screen this was created by Andrew white most notably for Charily and the Chocolate Factory and Troy this more natural creation makes it a fresh joy to watch, only minor questions and holes lead a slight feeling of being perplexed but this dose not cover the great story. The actor choice was exemplary and truly made the film all more believable and immersive
A truly good and fresh film which ticked most the boxes and is at minimum granted a must watch title because in my opinion it can be enjoyed by any one and pushes boundaries social and in the film industry, and in my pinion the pr mentioned plot holes help the film and make even more pondesome.

Great film 4.5/5

"I turned to Caleb and he looked up at me and he said, "You're not a man, you're a God".

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