Monday, 31 October 2016

Products depend as much upon marketing and distribution


Success of a film such as star wars The Force Awakens depends as much upon marketing and distribution to a specific audience as they do upon good production practices

To what extent would you agree with this statement within the media area you have studied
In the movie industry, this statement is very true, as marketing, distribution and production practices all contribute to a film's success, if one of these aspects are missing the film will not be success full such as Disney's John Carter which only barley made profit and was badly publicized so wasn't watched by many and flopped at the box office costing 250mill and only making 284 mill
Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a huge accomplishment because the distribution/marketing and production helped to lead to a pretty impressive global box office figure of $206 billion. Which contains a following $528 on the opening weekend The DVD/ Blu-Ray release earned in the DVD charts $156 million which only added to its avatar matching figure which helped its success, income and popularity. The film was also available to be streamed on demand on sites such as Amazon Prime, Now TV and iTunes, the deals of which were made meant that some of the money from purchasing and licensing would go back the production company and studio, however many watched it from illegal streaming websites which don’t let any money see the original creators ,The merchandising profits remain unattainable due to the fact that the numbers are growing each and every day through dress up, Lego’s, action figures and other cloths and toys.
Marketing started even before the film was close to finishing little hints images and videos where leaked or posted on social media by cast and crew giving the film lots of attention and ‘hype’ the most notable was   continues banter and twitter joke between the film’s director JJ Abrams and another director Christopher Nolan, which importantly contained a picture of the mid construction millennium falcon which made fans go mad along then came pictures of the cast teaser trailers and then the full blown trailer which everyone I knew had atlases seen twice this great attention might lead to Distribution which played an important part of Star Wars’ success, like it does is in many films, overall the film was shown on well over 5,000 screens globally and this supports the idea that distribution aided the film to become such a huge success. The fact that Disney aided the films distribution is phenomenal a brand like Star wars and a company like Disney is so well known and when they distributed a brand this big it only increase its domination of the movie market instead of it being a film that is spoken about in passing, it was something you could not really have escaped, utilising the best of above and below the line but mainly below, every screen or free space was plastered with posters and you would have thought people probably became sick of it after a time but it worked and worked well, by having literally everyone know about your new film no matter if it was a low budget back garden tosh fest its still bound to have allotted of watchers. Disney is known by cinemas and is trusted, the connections that they have managed to acquire during their existence has managed to make their ideas of distribution much more achievable and powerful. The ideas of the film being distributed digitally managed to save the companies money because the process is in fact cheaper and easier so in my opinion no matter how traditional, original or good of an idea at the time shooting on film was it was a bad decision and wasted them lots of money and possibly time, and then after their hard work it to all be converted to digital any way is nearly laughable. The film was aimed at audiences at all ages as most summer block busters are and also ultimately was trying to encourage a younger audience to become engrossed in the franchise. The film was four quadrants, mainstream and rated 12A which allowed young viewers to see the film. Because the age of audience for the film had been expanded this allows the film to make more profit short term and also long term since they have kept the franchise alive it will possibly fill another generating and probably another on top of that all adding to there profit and this ties nicely with the idea of how marketing helps immensely with profiting as well.
The film’s Production Practices also added to its success. Firstly Star Wars received a massive budget of $300 Million, which is the second highest of all time, which allowed it to hire the creme dela crème in the business, when it came to technology used in as well as crew. The film also had large well-known names attached to it, with Bad Robot and Lucas Film acting as its production companies, Disney as its distributor and JJ Abrams as the film’s director, all of which the public would recognize as makers of quality films. It also had the writing team of JJ Abrams, Lawrence Kasdan and Michael Arndt, which are all highly experienced writers, one of them even writing previously for the franchise, that would appeal to many fans of the originals. It also had a talented cast full of both big and upcoming stars, which would appeal to the general public, especially with big names like Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Andy Serkis or Domhall Gleeson. Even the upcoming stars were talented and would appeal to the more critical audience, who would appreciate the use of new actors and fresh blood in the industry. The film also received great special and visual effects, which are some of the best in the business. These effects, which were mostly practical, made the film stand out amongst the modern CGI reliant films, as it has a grounded nature to it that makes the film more relatable and the CGI less distracting from the film. These great production values also gave the film a great critical reception, which could be a key part in swaying the general public. These production values also play a massive role in a film’s success, as it makes it look either professional or amateur and decides whether the films good or not.
In conclusion, I would agree with statement, as successful films rely as much upon marketing and distribution as they do on production values. In the case of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, this is apparent as its success is mainly to its extensive marketing campaign as it is to its wide distribution or even its excellent production values, and both are essential. However in my opinion if I had to choose between two marketing is more important since if you made the cure to cancer but didn’t tell any one and kept it in a cave there is no point in making a cure so to fully conclude marketing practices are essential to make the product such as a budget yet marketing is more vital.

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